Current SSABC Executive

President: Mary Campbell (SD #36 Surrey)
Vice President: Megan Duke (SD #35 Langley)
Past President: Collette O’Reilly (SD #39 Vancouver)
Secretary: Mark Margerison (SD #79 Cowichan Valley)
Treasurer: Will Dirksen (SD #68 Nanaimo Ladysmith)

Northern Zone: Cathy Whalen (SD #54 Bulkley Valley)
Kootenay: Julie Cole, SD #20 (Kootenay Columbia)
Lower Mainland: Hans Loeffelholz (SD#44 North Vancouver)
Vancouver Island: Christine Merner (SD#61 Victoria)
Okanagan: Chris Sayles (SD#67 Okanagan-Skaha)

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Members' School Districts

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SSABC Terms of Reference 

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We began to meet in 1990 as an informal network of school district health and safety managers to share concerns and solve problems concerning school district compliance with Workers’ Compensation Board Regulations. 

One of our significant accomplishments was the creation of the MSDS Fetch system, which allows school districts to comply with WHMIS regulations through a central agency.  This program has expanded to include over two-thirds of the school districts in the province as well as supplying a service to various municipalities.

As the group expanded over the years, the need to formalize the group into an association became evident.  In 1999 the process was formally started.  The result was the formation of the British Columbia School Safety Association.
Our membership includes those whose duties involve management of occupational health and safety for British Columbia school districts or the British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association.

The purpose of the Association is to develop and increase knowledge, skill and efficiency of its members in the fields of health and safety, and to promote cooperation between the Association and other societies and groups working in the field of education.

The first executive members of the British Columbia School Safety Association were:

President - John Bonnet, BCPSEA
Vice-President - John Scorgie, School District #23
Treasurer - Roger Cooper, School District #79
Secretary - Nancy Johnston, School District #38
Director - Earl Billingsley, School District #69
Director - Carole Peacock, School District #36
Director - Fred Makortoff, School District #08
Director - Robert Lawrence, School District #60 

Past BCSSA Presidents

1999 – 2000    John Bonnet, BCPSEA – Health & Safety Officer
2000 – 2001    John Scorgie, School District #23 (Kelowna) – Health & Safety Officer
2001 – 2002    Robert Lawrence, School District #60 (Peace River North) – Supervisor of Safety Services
2002 – 2003    Russel Roy, School District #68 (Nanaimo/Ladysmith) – Occupational Safety Officer
2003 – 2004    Russel Roy, School District #68 (Nanaimo/Ladysmith) – Occupational Safety Officer   
2004 – 2005    Fred Makortoff, School District #8 (Kootenay Lakes) – Director of Operations
2005 – 2006    Ken Emmons, School District #23 (Kelowna) – Safety Manager
2006 – 2007    Ken Emmons, School District #23 (Kelowna) – Safety Manager
2007 – 2008    Collette O’Reilly, School District #39 (Vancouver) – Manager Health & Safety
2008 – 2009    Robert Lawrence, School District #60 (Peace River North) – Supervisor of Safety Services
2009 – 2010    Ken Lear, School District #35 (Langley) – Manager, Health & Safety
2010 – 2012    Will Dirksen, School District #72 (Campbell River) – Safety Officer
2012 – 2013    Mark Margerison, School District #79 (Cowichan Valley) – Occupational Health & Safety Manager
2013 – 2014    Mary Campbell, School District #36 (Surrey) – Manager Health & Safety

SSABC President

2014 – 2017    Collette O’Reilly, School District #39 (Vancouver) – Health & Safety Manager, Human Resources